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March 28, 2014

4/3 (木) Around Midnight at Ucess The Lounge, 原宿 - ThreepeeBoys出演イベント


via Hidden Champion

Around Midnight 

- Entrance


- Time

4/3 Thu 22:00 - 05:00

- Place

Ucess The Lounge -

- Line up (English follows Japanese)

staRo (Soulection) -
Yukibeb (Soulection) -

昨年8月にレーベル初の日本人プロデューサーstarRo (拠点はLA), 今年2月に東京のDJ Yukibebの加入をきっかけに、日本のファン向けの活動を開始。現在、日本語での情報発信を狙いとした日本語公式ツイッターアカウントおよびインスタグラムアカウントを展開している。
また、1月発行のHidden Championで、日本の紙媒体として初めてSoulectionが特集された。
また、4月3日~4月6日の日程でSoulection初の日本ツアー(東京・大阪・仙台)が決まっており、ESTA., starRo, The Whooliganの3名が出演予定。

横浜出身、Los Angeles在住のプロデューサー。2013年8月に日本人として初めてSoulectionに加入。
70~80年代のエレクトリックジャズを彷彿させるJazzyなコードワークを多用する一方、曲調はR&B, Soul系のどこか聴きやすいサウンドが特徴。Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, OutKastなどのリミックスやDrakeのカバーで脚光を浴びた後 (OutKastリミックスはBigBoi本人から絶賛を受ける)、2013年12月にSoulectionからオリジナル4曲のWhite Label EPをリリース(SoundCloud限定デジタルリリース)。1ヶ月で24万回再生を記録し、SoulectionのWhite Labelシリーズで最も人気を博す。
ライブでは、このシーンでは数少ない、シンセ、ギター、パーカッションなどの演奏を織り交ぜたスタイルをとっており、Mr. Carmack, Astronautica, Like, Lakim, AbJoなど同シーンの盟友との競演だけでなく、日本のポストロックの雄toeと北米ツアーを回るなど、幅広いジャンル・シーンで支持を受けている。
2014年はSXSW、 Low End Theory出演、 2回目の toeの北米ツアーサポートなどが控えている。
2014年3月Red Bull Music AcademyのSan Francisco Bass Campに参加。
影響を受けたアーティストは、Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Neptunes, Sly Stone, J Dilla, Bill Evansと幅広い。
尚、R&Bシンガーの椎名純平とは学生時代のバンド仲間、Cro-Magnon (Jazzy Sport)のメンバーとはボストン時代の盟友、Teriyaki BoyzのWiseとは学生時代のクルー仲間という異色な交流ももつ。

Yukibeb (

自分自身、脚光を浴び始めている今、彼女はできるだけまだ無名のアーティストに脚光の場を提供できる存在でありたいと思っている。流行や人気のあるものにとらわれず、自分の直感や感性でいいと思ったもので自分のサウンドを作り出している。J Dilla、Aaliyah、Tokimonstaや、レーベルの仲間の影響は強いが、まずは東京で、そしてその後ワールドワイドな場での活躍を目指している。

Developments in Japan:

Last year in August Cali-based label Soulection saw it's first Japanese producer starRo (based in LA) join up on it's roster and in the wake of this addition Tokyo's DJ Yukibeb officially joined the Soulection team in February and started recruiting fans in Japan.

Japanese-language versions of Soulection's Twitter and Instagram accounts are already spreading information about the Sound of Tomorrow movement.

In addition, the first printed feature on Soulection in Japan ran in the January issue of Hidden Champion, a free Japan-based music mag.

Most importantly don't forget Soulection's official Japan tour (Tokyo, Osaka & Sendai) April 3rd ~ 6th bringing Soulection artists ESTA, starRo and The Whooligan to Japan's shores.

Japan & Korea Tour 2014 Overview:

A producer from Yokohama who resides in Los Angeles. First joined the Soulection team in August 2013. His work closely resembles the Electric Jazz of the '70s & '80s with intense Jazzy chord changes while the melodies are R&B and the easy-on-the ears sounds of his Soul stylings are one feature of his music.

He's done remixes of Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Outkast plus a Drake cover which brought him into the limelight (plus OutKast remix which Big Boi himself gave a rave review) and in December 2013 Soulection put out a 4 track EP of his as a part of their White Label series (a digital release only available on Soundcloud). In one month it set a record for the Soulection White Label series at 240,000 plays, becoming the most popular in the series thus far.

Live he is a rare sight in this scene, with a style of performance that is a mix of guitar, synth and percussion playing. He not only has allies in the same scene as Mr. Carmack, Astronautica, Like, Lakim and AbJo, etc. but also in the Japan post rock scene touring around America with Japanese band O-toe, and has received support from artists in wide ranging genres and scenes.

Since then he's appearing in SXSW 2014 and has made an appearance at Low End Theory he had to decline a second supporting tour of America with O-toe.

In March he will be joining the Red Bull Music Academy as a member of the San Francisco Bass Camp.

starRo has had a wide range of influences that include Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Neptunes, Sly Stone, J Dilla and Bill Evans.

In his school days, starRo played in a band with R&B singer Shina Junpei, became friends with Cro-Magnon (of Jazzy Sport) in his Boston days, as well as being apart of a crew with Wise of the Teriyaki Boyz in his college days.

Yuikbeb is a 21 year old DJ from Tokyo. She started putting her mixes up on Soundcloud in 2011 and has attracted the attention of the world with her mixes of quickly transitioning eclectic moods.

You can catch glimpses of her influences from Hip hop & future beats in her mixes -a feature of her sound being a somewhat sexy, mellow atmosphere.

That soundscape she creates seems to evoke something of the underground Tokyo scene in it's intricate complexity.

Now that she herself has gotten some shine, she has said she wants to be a presence that can provide a forum for unknown artists to be brought into the limelight as much as possible.

Without caring about what is popular or trendy, she is bringing her own intuition and sensitivity to her selections and in doing that she is creating a sound of her own.

The influence of J Dilla, Aaliyah, Tokimonsta and her label peers is strong but first, Yukibeb wants to takeover Tokyo, after which she plans to set her sights on international success upon the world stage.



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