March 15, 2008

The Count Of Monte Cristal / Dibby DJ

Switch の A Bit Patchy のちょっと後くらいに一部で出回っていた、
Fidget House クラシックがようやく発売されたね。
Cutty Ranks / The Stoppa の Vocal を使った Electro Dancehall !!!

The Count Of Monte Cristal / Dibby DJ

Dibby dibby d j, dibby dibby d j
no millionette, no millionette
know me a death, know me a death
nuff a dem a worry, nuff a dem a worry
some a dem a fret, some a dem a fret

me got de stop stop stop, stop stop stopper

to evry d j , de mus be talk to me propper
me come a dancehall, ago kill a wid de lingua
galong cutty ran chi-o(?) full of a stamina *

anyway me color,de roots an culture
anywhere me go
one man me praise - a de almighty Jah Jah
Jah Jah give me strenght an him give me de powah
dats why cutty rank-him full o de stamina
come a dancehall ya go kill a wid de lingua
follow me now massive and crew

now from you hear Cutty Ranking a boom
now from your hear cutty rank n a boom-boom boom-boom
fire here cutty rank n a boom, kill a fire here
cutty rank n a boom - a me seh

me raggamuffin a me international
to kill a d j me no partial
right or no Jah man me got de cre-den-tial
a when me come a dancehall, seh me well official.*

me got de stop stop...*....stamina

Lon don, paris even col ee forn ia
down a japan, or me gone to africa
go to new zealand, or even in a canada
yes a cutty rank n yago kill a wid de culture
ram up evry crevice an go roll evry corner
galong cutty rank n ya wat like a peppa (?)
pay down pon it, it a come from shabba
one worl' a gun, it a come from Ninja

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